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Kids Breakfast

Bowl of Cereal
With 2% milk & sliced banana

Pancake Pops
Blueberry and banana pancake lollipops served with low-fat yogurt, fruit salad and syrup

French Toast
Whole wheat apple-raisin French toast with apple slices and maple syrup

Baby spinach and cheese omelet served with fruit salad


Strawberry Yogurt Milkshake
With 2% milk & sliced banana

Fruit Smoothie
Strawberries, blueberries and bananas blended with orange juice and honey

Kids Lunch & Dinner

Chicken Noodle Soup
With fresh vegetables and whole wheat pasta

Pasta & Meatballs
Whole wheat pasta, turkey meatballs, tomato sauce and market vegetables

Tuna Salad Sandwich
Served on whole wheat bread with lettuce & tomato

Grilled Turkey Burger
With lettuce, tomato, oven roasted sweet potatoes and vegetable crudités

Chicken Pizza
Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, diced bell pepper

Chicken Quesadilla
Served with black beans, rice and Pico de Gallo


Grilled Atlantic Salmon (Full Portion)
Calories 570 • Total Fat 38g • Saturated Fat 5g • Sodium 250mg • Carbohydrates 18g • Fiber 6g • Added Sugar 4g • Protein 43g

Watermelon Salad (Full Portion)
Calories 360 • Total Fat 28g • Saturated Fat 4.5g • Sodium 200mg • Carbohydrates 20g • Fiber 5g • Added Sugar 0g • Protein 8g


Banana Chocolate Pudding
Banana chocolate pudding with Greek yogurt. strawberries and honey

Fruit Kebabs
Fresh fruit served with low-fat Greek yogurt and cornbread cookie

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