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Interview on TVSA

Carol Schliesinger interviewed Anna Macnak on TVSA today on a segment focusing on Bexar County obesity and diabetes rates and how healthy eating, including the ¡Por Vida! program, can help prevent or improve management of chronic disease.


Currently 32% of Bexar County residents are obese, meaning that their height to weight ratio puts them at increased risk for chronic diseases related to excess weight. The number of people living with diabetes has been increasing steadily over the last three data cycles and currently 1 out of every 7 Bexar County adults have been diagnosed with diabetes with another 1 out of 8 adults being told by their doctors that they are in the "pre-diabetic" range, putting them at high risk for developing diabetes within the next 5 years. Obesity is one risk factor in the development of diabetes.

The ¡Por Vida! program is one obesity prevention strategy implemented by the City of San Antonio to address the high rates of chronic disease that exist in our county. By labeling and promoting the healthiest items on a restaurant's menu we are able to educate and advocate for nutrition standards that are in line with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

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