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The Sue Sheff Meal Kit Delivery Experience

Since the 1960s, cooking at home has been on the decline and portion sizes in restaurants have increased dramatically. In 2010, the ¡Por Vida! program signed on their first restaurant partners who committed to offering healthy options in San Antonio in order to tackle the chronic diseases that affect so many in our community. Now a new movement is sweeping the Nation, a return to the kitchen, but due to less time to shop and many folks not growing up being taught basic cooking skills, we need a bit of help. Enter Sue Sheff.

Sue Sheff to date has had more than 30 recipes certified as ¡Por Vida!, meeting the nutrition criteria for a healthy meal. Owners Betty and Randy have the ¡Por Vida! meals clearly marked on the website, where weekly orders are made based on your family size for delivery the next week. Nutrition facts are available on the website as well. From there a box is delivered to your home or office complete with seafood on ice and produce packed comfortably into a cooler bag with an ice pack. When you are ready to cook, open the box and find simple cooking instructions, information about where your food was sourced (local as available), and any additional tips or tricks that may be useful as your cook your meal. Even for the seasoned home chef, there are new techniques to try and new flavor combinations to taste. 

The return to the kitchen is an exciting and necessary part of our future, as we continue to tackle chronic disease and reconnect with the most powerful way to nourish our bodies, eating healthy food.

The ¡Por Vida! program started as a way to address chronic disease by accepting the trend that 1/3 of calories are consumed outside the home. Now into 6 years into the program with 16 restaurant partners serving ¡Por Vida! approved meals at more than 120 locations throughout our city, we are excited to have Sue Sheff as a partner as well, bringing the ¡Por Vida! meals directly to you, and teaching you how to make delicious and healthy meals in the comfort of your home.

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